Announcement pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 24/2023 concerning the protection of whistleblowers reporting violations of national or European Union legal provisions that undermine the public interest or the integrity of the Entity.

In compliance with the provisions of the new regulations regarding the protection of whistleblowers, on 14/12/2023, the Chief Executive Officer, through their own determination, approved the procedure for receiving and managing reports.

All individuals identified by the regulation as eligible for protection against potential retaliatory acts, should they wish to submit a report, have access to the following internal reporting channels:

It is also specified that the whistleblower has the option to request a direct and personal meeting with the reporting manager to present their report.

If the report is made in written form, it is necessary for the whistleblower to clearly state in the subject or text that it is a “report for which they intend to keep their identity confidential and benefit from the protections provided in case of retaliation following the report.

In the absence of such a clear indication, the report may be treated as regular rather than confidential, consequently, the whistleblower may not be entitled to the protections prescribed by the regulation.

For the receipt and management of reports, the Chief Executive Officer has established an office formally tasked with handling reports.

The manager of reports is required to observe the following:

  1. evaluate the admissibility of the report in terms of the existence of its essential requirements;
  2. if the report is not sufficiently detailed, request additional information from the whistleblower for clarification.
  3. maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding the whistleblower’s identity and the contents of the report;
  4. give a receipt notification to the whistleblower within 7 days of receiving the report;
  5. maintain communication with the whistleblower;
  6. take appropriate action based on the received report;
  7. provide feedback to the whistleblower.

In addition to this communication, the company makes available on its website a more detailed and downloadable information document for anyone interested.

The Chief Executive Officer